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Dow’s KLEBOSOL® II 1730 Slurry

Dow’s commitment to bringing deep materials science and nano-particle expertise to its customers continues with its latest advanced slurry products. Dow’s KLEBOSOL® II 1730 slurry is a dilutable colloidal silica slurry for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), which increases tool uptime, reduces consumable costs and improves throughput for this critical process step. This next-generation silica slurry utilizes advanced elongated colloidal silica particles and proprietary chemistries to enable the benefits of low defectivity of colloidal slurries and the planarization and dilution capabilities of fumed silica slurries.

Key Features:

  • Reduces defectivity by 50 percent
  • Increases removal rates by up to 10 percent
  • Dilutable with lower point-of-use (POU) solids
  • Ideal for ILD and post-metal buff applications

With its unique elongated abrasive particle morphology, the KLEBOSOL® II 1730 improves slurry utilization by enabling high planarization efficiency with lower POU abrasive levels (dilutability). Its high removal rates provide increased wafer throughput and a lower cost-of-ownership, especially when combined with Dow’s long-life CMP pads and excellent process control.

  • KLEBOSOL Brochure
Klebosol Brochure