Dow Electronic Materials

6 – 8 Dec, 2017

Shenzhen, China

2017 International Printed Circuit & APEX South China Fair

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China (Hall 2, Booth 2H11)

We’re looking forward to the HKPCA & IPC Show 2017 where this year we’re all about big solutions for advances in tomorrow’s electronics!

在今年的HKPCA & IPC展会,期待与您分享,我们为电子产业进步而研发的解决方案

International Technical Conference 国际技术会议

  • Date 日期: Thursday, Dec 07
  • Time 时间: 13:30 – 14:15
  • Location 地点: Hall 4
  • Lead Author 演讲人: Mr. Robert Pan (C&IT marketing announcement, BD Leader- PCB Metallization, EP)/ Dr. Mark Lin (林賢勳 博士), Riston® R&D Manager
  • Topic 主题:
    • SFP for IC PKG and Potential for Smartphone Advanced Pattern Plating (新世代均匀性改善及镀薄铜填孔电镀铜技术)
    • Novel Fine-line Riston® LDI Photo-resist for Advanced MSAP Application (新世代雷射曝光專用光阻於細線路類載板先進製程之應用)
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Posters 海报

View the posters Dow Electronic Materials is showcasing at the HKPCA & IPC Show, Dec 6-8, 2017. All posters are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Poster 2 Cost Effective Viafill Electroplating on HDI Application
Poster 2 Excellent Uniformity Viafill Electroplating Technology on IC Substrate
Poster 3 Next Generation Vertical Electroless Copper Process with Ionic Pd Catalyst System for High-end products
Poster 4 High Performance PPR Copper Plating for HAR Boards
应用于高纵横比线路板 上之高性能脉冲电镀铜
Poster 5 Final Finishing – High Performance Selective ENIG Technology
Poster 6 New Generation Via Filling Acid Copper Plating Technics for Improving Distribution Uniformity and Thinner Copper
新世代均匀性改善及 镀薄铜填孔电镀铜技术
Poster 7 New Tin Plating Technology for VCP Application
Poster 8 High Speed Direct Current Copper Electroplating Technology of High Throwing Power Solution
Poster 9 Horizontal Desmear/PTH
Universal Electroless Copper