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Welcome to Dow's Litho University for next generation semiconductor manufacturing technology. We have created a new video series featuring Dow experts in advanced litho technologies to explain the underlying technology, as well as some of the latest breaking developments in the area of lithography today. We invite you to take a moment to listen to some of Dow's scientists on how we’re extending Moore’s Law with advanced technologies.


Introduction to Litho University 0:54

Directed Self Assembly
Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
More Advanced Technologies

Developable Bottom Antireflective Coating (DBARC) Technology 12:43

In this video, Dr. Jim Cameron provides an overview of Developable Bottom Antireflective Coating (DBARC) technology and its potential application in semiconductor manufacture. First, DBARC material design principles are reviewed. Second, Dr. Cameron will explain how a DBARC process offers similar control of substrate reflectivity to a conventional BARC without the need for a BARC open etch step. Lastly, Dr. Cameron will highlight how these attributes make a DBARC process attractive for implant lithography where reflectivity control on etch sensitive substrates is a required.

Dr. Jim Cameron, Ph.D.
Dow Fellow
Dow Electronic Materials

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