Dow Electronic Materials

Desired Trace Profile
CopperGleam CuPulse
CD = 10ASF, Dense Area
CopperGleam CuPulse
CD = 10ASF, Isolated
CopperGleam CuPulse
CD = 20ASF, Dense Area
CopperGleam CuPulse
CD = 20ASF, Isolated

COPPER GLEAM™ CuPulse Plus is designed for use with periodic pulse reverse (PPR) plating This new generation of the CuPulse bath has a stabilizer component integrated into the additives, thus providing exceptional Stability Index control and prolonging the lifetime of the bath. The combination of CuPulse Plus products and optimized PPR waveforms can dramatically reduce plating time compared to traditional DC plating, especially on thick panels and high aspect ratio designs. These productivity gains are made while maintaining excellent physical properties and the reliability of the copper deposit.

    Key Benefits:
  • Excellent surface distribution
  • Exceptional high throw on thick panels
  • Improved PTH leveling
  • Excellent stability & process consistency
  • Long bath life
  • Compatible with soluble and insoluble anodes

Excellent Throwing Power
CopperGleam CuPulse