Dow Electronic Materials
Organic Bottom Anti-Reflectant Coating (OBARC) - AR™ 137

Product Category: oBARC -- ArF Immersion BARC

AR™ 137 is an organic bottom anti-reflectant coating (oBARC) for immersion lithography. It is designed to provide excellent optical parameters to minimize reflection through angles for hyper numerical aperture (NA) immersion exposure. AR 137’s fast etch rate improves pattern transfer by reducing resist loss during the etch process.


  • Optimal n&k values for hyper NA exposure
  • High etch rate
  • Good compatibility with resist
  • Excellent coating property
  • Good EBR/RRC solvent compatibility


  • Improves critical dimension uniformity (CDU)
  • Improves lithographic process margins
  • Improves etch process margins

Figure 1: Reflectivity Curve at High NA (NA=1.35)

Figure 2: Wide Process Margin and Good LWR at 39nm 1:1 L/S

Figure 3: Low Sublimation

AR™ 46

AR™ 137

Figure 4: Conformal Coating and Excellent Step Coverage