Dow Electronic Materials
ArF Immersion C/H Resist

Product Category: Resists

Positive tone 193 nm immersion resist has an excellent process window, CD uniformity and low defectivity. Also, it can reduce process costs as it doesn’t require use of a topcoat.


  • 65 nm / 120 nm pitch dense contact hole
  • 65 nm / 180 nm pitch semi-dense contact hole
  • 65 nm ISO contact hole


  • Excellent DOF margin
  • Excellent CD uniformity
  • Low defectivity
  • Topcoat-free process
  • Excellent profile shape

65nm DOM (66nm/120P)

65nm DOM (66nm/180P)

65nm DOM (70nm/500P)

Benefits of ArF C/H immersion resist

Figure 1: 120 nm on AR™ 26N/AR™ 4124 Fast Etch, 1.3NA, Ann 0.95/0.6, Binary Mask, SB/PEB=90°C/85°C