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Dow Electronic Materials Interconnect Technologies delivers a broad range of metallization and surface treatment products for use in electronic components and industrial applications worldwide. Our integrated solutions provide essential functionality and reliability for the markets we serve, including Automotive, Mobile & Data Communication, and Consumer Electronic, to enhance our quality of living every day around the world.

  • Connectors Dow brings novel solutions and science for connector metalization needs.
  • IC Leadframes We offer a dedicated range of high specification products for IC leadframes to meet crucial reliability and functionality requirements.
  • LED Leadframes We offer a high bright silver electrolytic finish for leadframes critical for today’s high performance LED packages.
  • Passive Devices Dow has developed a complete family of lead-free products and surface treatments for passive devices such as chip capacitors, inductors and resistors.
  • Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)/Chip on Film (COF) We are the world leading tin metallization provider for TAB and COF.